by Nautilus

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released December 7, 2018

Mixed by: Felix Kroiß | Mastering: Role von der Tonmeisterei
Artwork: Maja Müller - Unikat Art and Design | Copyright: Nautilus, Home of Live Music


all rights reserved



Nautilus Frankfurt, Germany

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Track Name: Backseat Smoker
Backseat smoker
Red eyes, chilled

Backseat smoker
Highway pimp

Backseat smoker
Scorched lungs, black

Backseat smoker
Life, with no regrets

Lights form a line, smoke is my breath
Relaxed to the max, still exhausted to death

Look out the window
Man, it feels like days
Take another toke and tap that ash in the tray
Windows down, cold air, lords of haze
Lost in fucking time and space

Fuck your shitty label
Fuck what everyone says
I just want the whole world
To kiss my ass

Tired of your bullshit
and your liveset sucks
Traded rock'n'roll for looks and fancy stuff

Backseat smoker
Kiss my ass

Backseat smoker
Fuck what everyone says

Backseat smoker
Kiss my ass

Cvlt fam
fuck your
crew damn
Track Name: Psychosis
This time I fucked up real bad
A sad story 'bout a girl I met
Flashing colors, yellin' voices in my head

A torment I can no longer bear
All alone, but she was always there
(She was there)

Molly and Alice fooled around with me
Pull the trigger, what's it gonna fuckin' be?

This is the way my life goes
I got a girl named psycho
(Girl named psycho)

My brain and soul harmonize hardly
My inner self lost at that party
Desperately, tryin' to stay sane

I may be sober but
Never again the same

My psychological makeup
An inner nightmare, tryin' to make it stop
But I'm still chasing the rabbit
It's a rooted bad habit

Like a nighttime thief
I keep away from all this mess, she left
Left me with nobody to blame
Two years created a dimension of shame

Not really sure
If she blessed or cursed me with this
Is she my slave or is she my mistress?

As one problem solved another
Behind a paper shield I took cover

Back to the wall, guess I got stuck
If they open fire, then I guess I'm fucked

Back to the wall, guess I got stuck
If they open fire, then I guess I'm


Old enough to pay the bills
Old enough, forever walk the treadmill
Old enough to know the drill
Old enough to crush down the hill

Old enough to pay the bills
Track Name: Perp Walk
'cause of the way I look
Treat me like a roach
Smash me like a bug
But I don't give a fuck
Even though my lack of luck

Becomes guilt
The victim
Becomes perp
Taste this life
It's bitter
Taste this life
It's bitter

The pressure grows
Wait till we explode

Kill the pain
With drugs and liquor
Like a tumor
Anger gets bigger
Track Name: R.I.P.
I try to scream, but my voice is cracking
Try to be strong, but my body's shaking
I try to change, but I ain't changing


It's tearing me apart

I should've known it from the start

I can't resist
I'm fucking pissed
Time for me to
Drop my cards

I blame myself, not my family

And I blame god, if he created me

For what it's worth, why do I even try

To break these walls with my piercing cries

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